Hi all! Nathalie - founder and designer of

My workshop “Le Temps des Belles Choses” in Bergoieten in Alsace evokes, by its title, an eternal era. The one that crosses the modes by the assurance of the veracity of my values. Creator of lighting and textie, I propose to enchant your interior with original and unique creations

Coming from a family of blacksmiths, it was only later that this family heritage was remembered to me. After 30 years, mother of 4 children, graduate studies with the LEA in my pocket, I took the tools and started working on my first customizations. The field of my research will determine the field where I was going to give the best of myself: the creation of current objects, with materials from the past that appeal to our collective memory.

Je choisis avec soin mes matériaux.

Alors, merci. Merci d'être là, de soutenir ma petite entreprise et de vous joindre à moi dans ce voyage de boutique en ligne! J'aime partager et avec vous tous, la route est plus belle!