Do you want to decorate your living room in a jiffy ? You only need a cushion and a plaid to immediately dress your sofa, and thus create a warm atmosphere in your interior.

The cushion: the essential decorative object for your interior

The cushion is a decorative element with which you can really have fun. It instantly dresses up your sofa or armchair and makes your living room welcoming. You can also have it in your bedroom to decorate your bed and make it a comfortable and cozy space. You can even choose a cushion or even a mattress to put on the ground to set up a rest and cocooning area. In summer, it decorates your garden furniture and allows you to take a siesta in the shade while being comfortably seated.

With its soft aesthetic, the cushion makes you want to curl up on the sofa with a throw to watch a movie on a winter evening. Depending on the model you want, you can create different atmospheres. Vary the styles according to your desires and the seasons by simply changing the cushion covers.

If you like contemporary decorations, take a cushion with graphic patterns to give relief to your armchair. For a refined interior, opt for a plain and sober model. If you want to make your home an authentic and natural space, prefer a cushion in a noble and durable material like linen.

Play with different sizes, colors and textures. Choose a single ultra-original cushion to bring a lot of character to your living room. Otherwise, combine multiple models to create an accumulation. It's up to you whether you want to make a selection in the same tones or take mismatched cushions. Moreover, alternating styles is very trendy at the moment!

Which cushion model to choose?

Difficult to select a single future cushion! Crack on one or more pieces to decorate your interior and create the desired atmosphere. If you are looking for a classic cushion, opt for a square or rectangular shape. For more originality, you can choose a more extravagant shape.

In terms of colors, the choice is endless! From classic tones such as beige, ecru, blue or even mustard yellow to ultra-pop tones, through warm or cold hues, let your imagination run wild. Little tip: choose a two-tone cushion so you don't get bored. For a more singular model, fall for a piece embellished with pompoms or embroidered!

Alternate the materials by opting for faux fur, linen, jacquard or a cotton gauze cushion.

See you soon!

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